MTI Courses

Offered at National HQ Bangalore.

  1. Muaythai Curriculum ( Honing Muaythai skills)
  2. Muay Boran and MuayChaya
  3. Aerobic Muaythai
  4. Nata Muaythai
  5. Krabee krabang
  6. Governing policy

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Welcome to the finest of training centre for the best of Thai martial arts, culture, tradition and heritage, as applicable to children, women, office-goers to individuals of every age-group and practitioners of other martial arts in India.

Muaythai India (MTI) National Federation (MTI), situated in the heart of the city at National HQ, No 287, Umer Bagh Layout , JP Nagar post, Bangalore-78, offers training under the expert eyes of Grand Master M H Abid, whose pioneering and professional accomplishments in the field are spread over four decades and are globally acclaimed. He is also the President of Muaythai India (MTI) National Federation and sole representative of Institute of Muaythai Conservation Centre, Thailand (IMCCT) in India.

Equipped with the latest infrastructure facilities, MTI is a one-stop wonder for every citizen, including the fitness freak keen on getting his body into shape by proper fine-tuning.
The redeeming factor of the entire schedule is that each and every course that is on offer is open to all those genuinely craving to master Martial Art for either defensive or health purposes. MTI HQ also conducts specialized courses for Coaches, Referees & Judges.

As an exponent of martial arts, Grand Master Abid has honed the skills of thousands of students and instructors, who not only learnt the basics from him but went on to open their own clubs to propagate the global phenomenon of Muaythai, one of the many styles under the umbrella of martial arts.

MTI HQ offers the entire gamut of training methods. The prominent ones include:

  1. HONING MUAYTHAI SKILLS: The nuances is a professional approach to the sport of Muaythai. The curriculum will cover the elementary approach to the do’s and don’ts of mastering the art of Muaythai. This is inclusive of expert guidance on combativeness, which revolves around going about the contest and winning national and international competitions, honors and decorations.
  2. MUAY BORAN AND MUAY CHAYA: This essentially pertains to perfecting the art of self-defence; taking on more than one person at one go; the all-important trick of grappling; confronting false, floor-fighting techniques; freeing oneself from the rugged clutches of the opponent; and battling it out when attacked by someone on the street, including by those trained in martial arts. This training enables one to fight both freestyle.
  3. TEACHING OF AEROBIC MUAYTHAI: In this art form, one is taught about keeping one’s body fit, flexible and agile all the time by developing stamina and working on overall fitness. The defensive and offensive methods are taught without actual body contest. The training sessions are accompanied by music so as to develop body synchronization that will come in handy when demonstrating the art in all its glorious forms on stage before a live audience.
  4. NATA MUAYTHAI: This involves training an individual on the finer aspects of using Thai martial art techniques together with a partner. Taught in a most colourful way, Nata Muaythai inculcates defensive and offensive techniques separately, and in unison, in the backdrop of mellifluous musical numbers.
  5. KRABEE KRABANG: This is the most exciting of all art forms that come under the wider canvas of the combat sport, Muaythai. In this particular art form, one is taught about the pros and cons of weaponry. One is honed into the usage of fighting techniques with weapons like short sword, knife and short stick. In addition to demonstration and fighting methods, the trainee is taught the art of taking on armed groups.


By a mandated compulsion, the Centre has laid down certain rules and regulations which the trainee has to comply with before getting enrollment in the institute.

The foremost condition is that the budding exponent should not have any criminal background.

The second governing principle, for which one is administered a globally-applicable oath, is that the lessons learnt ought to be used for self-defense purpose and not for indulging in attacks for destructive purposes. Moreover, the successful trainee cannot teach the art without getting prior approvals and permission by the authenticated body.

Eternal relevance

The training has a multitude of benefits. It is more pronounced for women in the prevailing circumstances where in many of them have to work in night-shifts.

Not only women, even men, who are equally vulnerable to attacks and street-side assaults, can gain by learning these techniques.

The mindset is so tuned that negative human behaviors and thoughts like depression, suicidal tendencies and developing addictions and vices will be kept under check. As a result, the Thai Martial arts will spell magic and usher in a positive healthy lifestyle.
MTI has proved its versatility and application in various forms and over the years. For instance, experts like Grand Master Abid have trained and conducted classes for police personnel from Karnataka.

We wish to extend this special, but important, gesture to all Government undertakings, corporate and private organizations, educational institutions, including schools and colleges, gyms, fitness centers and all such organizations, who evince an interest in getting into physical shape. Those undergoing training will have the opportunity to participate right from the district level to National and International level Amateur and Pro AM and professional competitions.

MTI will be in the forefront of passing on these skills to any staff member, team or workforce either from its headquarters in Bengaluru or from any of the State Associations for proximity convenience.

For details regarding enrolment and other facilities, please contact:
Grand Master M H Abid on email –

He is also available on Tel No: 09449013790

or in the Training Centre at No 287, Umer Bagh Layout, JP Nagar post, Bengaluru-560 078, Karnataka, India.

You may also visit us at: