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1) 5 days Basic Training camp in Muaythai under Grand Master M H Abid, from 22-27th April,2015 at Bangalore for those intending to be Muaythai Instructors.

2) 16th MTI National Muaythai Championship from 25th to 31st May,2015 for Junior and sub Junior categories – boys and girls at Sree Kanteerava Indoor stadium, Bangalore. Organized by Muaythai Association of Karnataka.

3) IFMA Royal World Cup at Bangkok from 13-22nd August,2015. Age group 10-37 years both male and female.


The art of Muaythai existed for more than 1000 years which was used by Thai people as a potent martial art to defend Thai kingdom has till date remained the National sports of Thailand.

Thailand is very proud of Muaythai which has now made its way to every corner of the globe and has become a truly global sport.

The five main pillars of Muaythai are fair play, excellence, respect, honor and tradition which have come to define many aspects of Thai culture, traditions and Thai way of life. The art teaches respect to teachers and parents, honor yourself, your country, your family, tradition for Thai people Muaythai has always been more than just a martial art because its five main pillars of fair play, excellence, respect, honor and tradition have all come to define many aspects of Thai culture ,traditions and the Thai way of life and such important part of Thai history and heritage is being shared and enjoyed around the world and is now becoming a world recognized martial art and combat sport. This has resulted in Muaythai being increasingly included in many multi sport games under Sports Accord which is recognized by IOC, in Olympic Council of Asia launched Asian Indoor and Martial Art Games and Beach Games and in World Games and World combat Games, TAFISA Games in which athletes from all the five continents represent their country and themselves.

Now that the Federation International Sports Universities (FISU) is shortly introducing Muaythai sport in FISU games. FISU games are more than sporting event, besides the competitions, it includes various other events and activities like forum for youth Education and sport which emphasize the fact that every child should have the right to both. The Royal Thai Government has reaffirmed the support for Muaythai in enhancing Muaythai around the world. Muaythai now being a Olympic sport seeks to create a wayo f life based on the joy found in effort, the educational value of a good example and respect for universal fundamental and ethical principles.
Muaythai is a sport for all, young, and old, regardless of gender, without any discrimination. Millions of people around the world practice Muaythai for health, fitness and self defense and is an exciting combat sport. Muaythai is one of the fifteen combat sports in the World Games under patronage of IOC and the sport of Muaythai is currently enjoying immense global growth under the efforts of IFMA.

Muaythai is one of the 15 recognized combat sport in SPORT ACCORD-member of IOC and is very popular sport in the World Combat Games. Muaythai was one of the first sports to launch SPORTS ACCORD’S Real Player program in a special ceremony in 2013 with the presence of representatives from over 90 countries. Using sport to make a possible contribution to society is a very important part of Muaythai. This is evident through IFMA’s projects such as Sport is Your Gang in partnership with Peace and sports, Muaythai against Drugs and their joint campaign with UN Women on the UNITE to end violence against women campaign. Taking the IFMA contribution towards society was acknowledged by the world sporting community last year when Muaythai won the 2014 Sport Accord ‘SPIRIT OF SPORT’ award. These social initiatives show that participation in sport is not only for competition but also provides opportunity to work towards something larger than oneself.
IFMA has excelled in using the unique power of sport to bring together cultures and races from all corners of the globe together. This positive change to society is affirmed by the fact that Muaythai won the 2014 Sports Accord “Spirit of Sport” award.

IFMA is a IWGA member Federation and Muaythai is all set to receive premiere place in the official sports program of 2017 in the World Games -2017.
IFMA the world body has 130 countries as its members who are all united together with the same vision and mission to promote foster Muaythai with all the benefits the sport has to offer as combining sport, culture and education.

Exchanging sport, education and culture is an important platform of the Olympic movement and FISU is doing outstanding job in this field since 1949. Sport has the power to unite and bring together cultures and people from all parts of the globe FISU world sports provides moment for exchange of education, culture and sport. It ensures that all students are able to balance their educational endeavors with sports and also to guarantee that all athletes. Blending sport and education is the platform of FISU and Muaythai is a martial art that combines five pillars -respect, honor, tradition, fair play and excellence which are the pillars of life. It is an opportune movement for the exchange of education culture ad sport. FISU games bring together many stakeholders who share and appreciate the values of Muaythai and to enrich this kind of sport with education. FISU sport demonstrate that sports and education can go hand in hand and that there are no obstacles for any person to follow both paths.. A close cooperation among the outstanding speakers, professors, and sports activists enable to create a great impact on the athletes and participating universities which pave the way for more successful development in the near future. Muaythai with its immense number of athletes, practitioners and followers, have joined University sports movement, which will result in accomplishing the goal of FISU : sport and Education for all. This will also provide Muaythai practitioners a chance for higher education and providing students a chance for sport. The sport stands as a testament to the fact that the power of sport can make a change where other institutions fail. The enormous power of sport is one which can be utilized to achieve great change for good. The sport has the power to bridge cultural and social gaps through the many social initiatives and have done an excellent job in fostering today’s youth who are also tomorrow’ champions in not just sports but in life as well. Under FISU patronage the youth Education and sport forums workshops and meetings work will be done for the continued development of Muaythai and the betterment of society.
Muaythai is a highly valued member of the global sporting family. The Olympic Council of Asia with its highest regard and utmost delight has recognized Muaythai through International Federation Muaythai Amateur (FAMA) during 1998. Muaythai and sports in general can make a difference in the lives of those in need of positive development.

IFMA and UN women signed an MOU to use the power of sport and Muaythai to raise awareness and engage both male and female athletes to end violence against women and girls. since then many initiatives have been taken and used its events to raise awareness on this issue. It has also launched Empowerment through Muaythai .
The sport is used as a tool to create a world free from violence against women and girls. IFSU games are an important land mark for athletes officials and spectators to come together in the name of sport, education, peace and harmony.

FISU pursues its objects without consideration or discrimination of a political, denominational or racial nature and Muaythai puts honor, respect, fair play, excellence in the centre of its activity. FISU is a full pledged sports organization holding grand events each year and adding in number of participants exponentially. The FISU summer games during 2013 in Russia saw the highest number of participants of 11,759 university athletes from 159 countries.
The sport of Muaythai has been a model of behavior, lifestyle and cultural education for youth and all practitioners of the sport.Today millions of athletes are discovering a unique martial art and spectators a one of a kind sight to see.

The sport of Muaythai is flourishing in all five continents and has been recognized by both sporting federations and international organizations. Muaythai values reflect the vision and mission all its stake holder stands for namely:

Respect:Of one another regardless of gender social standing, religion, abilities race or age. If there is no respect there is no survival. Athletes display highest respect for one another whether one wings of loses.

Honor:To show grace as much in defeat as we do in victory. We must honor the future generation as much as we do our forefathers and mothers. We must honor our opponents as much as we do our teammates.

Fairplay:To have it practiced as much outside the competition areas it is inside the ring.Muaythai athletes will fail in honour rather than win in dishonesty. Fair play must e demonstrated between the athletes through the absence of doping, referees ad judges and must ensure that the true victors hand will be raised; sports integrity and ethical behavior must remain the centre of sport.

Excellence:Muaythai practitioners must continue to practice excellence in all fields of what we do.Tradition of giving back to society is the essence of the sport since beginning and this tradition and values of its past is still being continued.