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GRAND MASTER - M H ABID President of Muaythai Indi

Muaythai is the national sport of Thailand. As an exciting branch of the bigger canvas called Martial Arts, Muaythai enjoys a unique place in the field of Martial art.The sport is gaining in popularity across the globe.Although a late entrant on India shores, it now ranks among the most preferred disciplines in the country, particularly in the hinterland. What may not be known to many is that the Muaythai spirit is being propagated by a lone ranger, a champion exponent, who has been there and done that. There are no second thoughts that when it comes to crediting any one individual who has been relentlessly furthering the exciting sport, the name begins and ends with just three words- Grand Master M H Abid.

His contribution towards enlivening the sport is such that he is the face of Indian Muaythai. The global Muaythai spectrum is familiar with his name, contributions and struggles that he labored to keep alive interest in the sport in India.

Mr Abid is imparting training in Martial Arts for the past four decades. He is the founder of Muaythai Sport in India, which he introduced way back in 1992.

His basics have come the hard way and from seasoned masters. He has been trained by senior Grand masters from Thailand.

The exploits of Abid have been truly phenomenally, considering that India was never a formidable entry. He has so far contested in 164 International Martial art championships, competitions and in thousands of competitions in the country Mr Abid successfully qualified as Senior Principal in Muaythai sport in 1996. A year later, he qualified as Referee and jury member.

The Department of Physical Education, Government of Thailand, deputed Mr M H Abid as the official referee and Judge for European championship held at Manchester in 1997.

Subsequent to the Manchester edition, Mr Abid was elevated as a revered International Referee and Judge, including officiating in the 2003 International Championship.

The year 2010 has been one of remarkable success and global accolades. The ultimate recognition and salutation came after he qualified in all the ranks of the sport. Global rewards that were deservingly his were bestowed upon him soon thereafter.He was decorated with the Grand Master title during the 2010 World Championships at Thailand.When the OCA introduced during 2005, 1st Asian Indoor Games, M H Abid was appointed as Referee & Judge in Muay sports and as Jury at the 2nd and the 3rd Asian Indoor games and at 1st Asian Martial Art Games-2009. Also officiated as Jury at the SEA games in Muay sport.

The devotion of Grandmaster Abid has been extraordinarily influential that he got trained in Thai Martial Arts, culture, tradition and heritage, apart from related fields like Muay Boran, Krabee Krabang, Muay chaya, Aerobic Maythai, Nata Muaythai, among others.

Ministry of Tourism and Sports, Department of Physical Education, Government of Thailand and Institute of Muaythai Conservation Centre, came up with yet another credible salutation.In recognition of his decades’ long hard work, commitment and support in promoting the sport of Muaythai in India, Grand Master M H Abid was appointed as the sole MCCT Representative in India.

Grand Master M H Abid has set up a fully equipped training auditorium at the National HQ, Bangalore. That centre provides training to state associations students, instructors, National level fighters and other martial artists and new comers wherein regular camps are being held. Also regular workshop and seminars and coaching courses are held in Muay sport for the benefit of Technical officials. This centre is open to all those interested to learn the art. Interested athletes and officials can contact over PH-0 9449013790,email-mhabid1963@gmail.com for enrolment.


Grandmaster M H Abid wears several hats, each of which demonstrates his passionate promotion and single-handed pursuit of taking the sport to the interiors of India.

Presently, he holds several crucial posts, each of which he functions with remarkable dexterity and perseverance.

We list a few of the responsibilities:

  1. President of Muaythai India (MTI) National Federation, Bangalore.
  2. President of South Asian Muaythai Federation.
  3. Pioneer Member of International Martial Arts Games Committee (IMGC).
  4. Served as Technical Director at Martial Arts Games Council of Asia (MGCA).
  5. Secretary General of Martial Arts Games Federation of India.
  6. Executive member of IFMA and FAMA
  7. Founder of Muaythai king of Martial Art self defense and fitness training centre